Knoxguard Bypass or Removing (Mediatek CPU)

What is Knox?

Knoxguard is a security feature, integrated with hardware and software of a Samsung devices,which will not allow users to downgrade firmware,Custom rom flash and unpaid devices lock

Pre-Requirements to Remove knox in Samsung (Mediatek Chipset) devices

  1. You should have hand skills before doing this process in EMMC replacement
  2. You should need any of the following software boxes (i.e Easy Jtag plus,UFI, or Medusa Pro)
  3. You must need a matching emmc Because we need to change emmc.

How to find matching emmc?

  1. Download the firmware of the device which you are going to remove knox.
  2. Extract the firmware and extract BL file
  3. Now, you can find the preloader in it.
  4. Now we need to parse the preloader in order to get the Supported CID List of the device ( Use CM2 or easy jtag plus or third party tools to parse preloader).
  5. After getting the CID you can able to find proper emmc by matching it
    (NOTE: You can also use the old emmc to remove knox)
  6. You can also find the matching emmc by clicking here.

Why we need to change Emmc to remove knox?

  • Knox security files are stored in the RPMB area of the emmc, which is not accessible to change the data by any Software boxes.
    (NOTE: You can also use the same emmc by Rpmb Cleaning via emmc firmware update in Easy jtag plus and medusa pro box)

Knox removing process:

  • WARNING: Do at your own risk (Mediatek chipset only supported by this process).
  • Backup the security files and userarea dump 2gb,Boot 1 (4mb),Boot 2 (4mb).
  • Now erase all data in emmc and restore the backup data in new emmc.
  • Now boot the device into download mode (now you see that kg state:locked will be changed to kg-checking).
  • After flash it with latest firmware.
Note: Relock may happen within 1 month because we restored old security files

Other chipset solutions will be added as soon as possible continue reading with us..

Any doubt comment below.. Expert team ready to answer.

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